Below are a selection of some of our videos; including corporate informational, charity documentary, circus promotional and a trailer for a consumer tuition video.

"Climate Change in South Asia" for Practical Action

I was very pleased to be able to help the charity Practical Action with this video.

Climate change will affect the poorest communities in South Asia long before it influences the west.

Practical Action has been running pilot projects in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, providing help and education for the communities to prepare themselves for the changes that climate change will bring.

Trailer for "Tricks With Hats Volume 1"

Short excerpt from "Tricks With Hats Volume 1". The full one-hour long teaches how to manipulate hats in a creative way. Previously available on DVD and VHS, this is now available to buy as an immediate download in our online store.

"Farmers in the Face of Drought" for Practical Action

Created in 2002 for ITDG to raise awareness of the severe drought conditions in Central Zimbabwe. ITDG is now known by its new name of Practical Action.

Circus promotional video for "The Bird Project"

Filmed at The Circus Space in London in 2001, this promotional video was used to publicise this international juggling act.

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